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  • Proposition Dadeville: Building Our Future

  • The Dadeville School District has a proposed bond issue on the April 8 election ballot.
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  • The Dadeville School District has a proposed bond issue on the April 8 election ballot.  The district is asking voters for $1.5 million , resulting in a .99 cent levy increase,  in order to complete a variety of projects to improve the campus facilities.  
    “The improvements center around three main objectives,” states Matt Bushey, district superintendent.   “The first objective is to improve school security;  the second is to improve overall efficiency; and the final objective is to ensure the overall functionality of the aging gymnasium.”
    The plan calls for a building addition that includes four classrooms and an office area.  The addition will replace the existing mobile classrooms that are currently leased.  This will save the district $12,500 in annual lease payments.  These mobile classrooms have been on campus since the late 1990’s.
    The addition will also allow the district to design a secure check-in area for visitors.  “Currently visitors must walk through the cafeteria to check in at the main office,” noted Bushey.   
    If the proposition passes the visitor check in area will be located by the main entry doors.   A secretary will then grant visitors access through a set of locked doors into the main school building.  
    The addition will also include a tornado safe area for students.  Other campus security upgrades would include a new campus wide camera system and programmable exterior locks.
    Bushey emphasizes, “Our school board believes that keeping our students safe is a top priority.”
    The project will also include improvements to the gymnasium, which was constructed in 1959.  These improvements center around solving the moisture problems the gym has encountered, replacing the damaged gym floor, and improving the overall energy efficiency in the gymnasium.  
    These projects include adding insulation to the exterior walls and ceiling, repairing or replacing the existing roof, replacing the outdated lights, replacing the windows, and replacing the gym floor. “The gym renovations will result in a good amount of savings in energy costs, as well as ensure that the gym stays functional,” explains Bushey.
    The election will take place on April 8.   If the proposition passes, construction will start this summer and should be completed approximately the time next school year begins.