First Annual Vedette Readers' Choice Awards - Now Accepting Nominations

January 31, 2019

The staff at The Vedette would like to welcome its readers to the first annual Vedette Readers’ Choice Awards!

Participation is simple, just cast your nominations for local businesses online at by midnight Friday, February 15 or fill out the official nominations ballot printed in this week's Vedette and Lake Stockton Shopper with your local favorites in each of the following categories and deliver them to the Vedette office or post mark (mail to P.O. Box 216, Greenfield, MO 65661) by 4 p.m. Friday, February 15.

If there are any categories that we might have missed please let us know and we can add it to the list!

• Favorite Chinese Restaurant:

• Favorite Breakfast Location:

• Favorite Hair Stylist:

• Favorite Attorney:

• Favorite Bank:

• Favorite Clothing Store (Retail/Resale/Boutique):

• Favorite Insurance Agency/Agent:

• Favorite Doctor's Office (Dental/General/Chiropractic, etc):

• Favorite Assisted/Independent Living Facility:

• Favorite Hospital:

• Favorite Home-Style Restaurant:

• Favorite Handyman (Electrical/Plumbing/HVAC/General):

• Favorite Mechanic/Body Shop:

• Favorite Tire Shop:

• Transportation Sales (Motorcycle/Tractor/Mower/Auto/Boat):

• Construction Company:

• Place for Pizza:

• Place for a Burger:

• Caterer:

• Pet Friendly Location (Groomer/Veterinarian):

• Photographer (Professional/Semi-Professional):

• Place for Home Goods (Furniture/Decor/Antiques):

• Auctioneer:

• Best Place to Work:

• Overall Best Customer Service:

• Add Your Own Category/Nomination:

After all nominations are collected you will then be asked to cast your vote amongst the finalists to be published in the Feb. 20 and 27 Lake Stockton Shopper and also in the Feb. 21 and 28 Vedette.

Don't let your favorite place go unrecognized! Fill out the nomination form today! And don't forget to share on Facebook for your chance to win two free 1-day passes to Silver Dollar City in Branson.