More About The Vedette

The Vedette has been covering Dade County communities and surrounding areas since 1866. 

The Vedette of today is successor of the original publication, The Greenfield Vidette (Est. 1866), as well as The Dade County Advocate (Est. 1874), The Greenfield Advertiser (Est. 1954) and The Miller Press (Est. 1956).

The Dade County Advocate was the Vedette’s in-county partisan political rival in their early days, finally merging with it in 1954 to form “The Greenfield Vedette and Dade County Advocate.”

The Greenfield Advertiser provided competition to The Vedette-Advocate, but was eventually combined with The Vedette-Advocate in 1981. At that time, the trade name was shortened to The Vedette, with the Advocate and Advertiser names retained on the masthead for several years afterward as well.

In 1983, The Miller Press of Miller, Mo., came under common ownership with the Vedette, and the two staffs were slowly combined and some content shared between the two. The decision to fold The Press into The Vedette was made by a previous ownership group, occurring with the first edition of The Vedette in 2001.

Today, The Vedette continues to provide news and information in print and online (and through TMC product The Lake Stockton Shopper) to all of Dade County, northern Lawrence County, and parts of Greene, Barton and Cedar counties in Missouri. It is now a part of Lewis County Press, LLC, a growing company focused on providing quality news coverage to communities across Missouri and Mid-America.