Health Department Continues Services Despite Lobby Closure

by James McNary, Articles Editor

The Dade County Health Department, which has been working with schools, businesses and individuals throughout the COVID-19 outbreak, is continuing to do so, although the lobby at the DCHD office and the Live Well Health & Fitness Center have been closed for the time being.

“Our doors are locked to protect our staff and to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus,” said Pamela Allen, DCHD administrator. “Our phones will continue to be available seven days a week to help our community through this crisis. We are not going to stop providing

our services, we’ll just be giving services in a safer way for everyone.”

The DCHD has also issued guidance to those returning from trips outside the area regarding self-quarantine, to ensure that Dade County continues to have no cases of COVID-19 infection.

“We realize that some of you may have traveled out of the state of Missouri during the past week. We hope that you had a great time and are glad that you have made it home safe,” said Allen. “Due to the recent events and increased transmission of the coronavirus across the nation we would ask that you and those that you traveled with would self-quarantine yourselves for a period of 14 days. This is a precautionary measure and recommendation from the Dade County Health Department.”

After having initially made the decision to have exclusive hours daily at the Live Well Center for those most at risk, Allen said the decision was made to close the center completely for two weeks as of noon Saturday. The center receives too much traffic daily for the staff to continue attempting to disinfect everyday, and keeping it open was determined not to be worth the risk of a patron becoming infected.

“This wasn’t an easy decision at all and we are sorry that we have to do this, but at this point we’d rather be cautious and respect all of our members, community, staff and families to make sure they are all protected,” said Allen “We’ll evaluate the situation in two weeks and see if we will re-open then or wait longer.”

Allen said that paid memberships to the center will be extended for the length of the closure.

“I want to assure everyone that we will work hard to keep our community safe,” said Allen. “We are in this together and we will make it through this tough time.”

Those with questions are welcome to contact the Health Department office in Greenfield at 417-637-2345. Allen has also made her mobile telephone number available on the department’s Facebook page.