Face Masks an Individual Choice

by James McNary, Articles Editor

In a statement relating to the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, Dade County Health Department Administrator Pamela Allen addressed some questions she has heard recently regarding the wearing of face masks in public. Allen said that while wearing a mask is recommended for some individuals, it remains a choice to be made be each person.

“Those who are elderly or immunocompromised are recommended to wear a mask when in places, such as grocery stores or Dollar General, where more people may be shopping,” said Allen.

Although some jurisdictions are considering requiring the wearing of masks in public, Dade County is not currently one of them.

“For other community members who will be out in the community a mask is not necessary but can be worn if you feel it is needed,” added Allen. “It is up to you individually.”

Allen said that those with more questions can contact the health department at 417-637-2345, or her directly at 417-860-3468.

“If you have questions or concerns, I will help you any way I can,” said Allen.