COVID-19 Restrictions to Ease Beginning May 4

by Pamela Allen, Dadeville County Health Department Administrators

Starting May 4, Missouri will begin gradually lifting #stayathome restrictions. Individuals should still stay 6 feet apart at all times when leaving their homes. Fully returning to a more familiar way of life will take time and will be a slow process. We recommend continuing to take safety precautions like covering your mouth and nose with a face mask, frequently washing hands for at least 20 seconds and limiting trips outside the home as much as possible. Keep in mind that restrictions will likely vary from community to community based on the public health needs of your location, so be sure to follow the guidance of your local health department. Visit for more information. #stopthespread

We will be posting more information soon on what guidelines will be in place as we reopen Dade County. I know everyone is anxious but this is a process and our main goal is to keep everyone safe!

Thanks everyone!!