Editorial: My Experience at A+ Fitness

by By Gina Langston, Editor/Publisher

(A first person experience on working out with personal trainers Sara Watson and Nick Steele at A+ Fitness during the week of August 10, 2020)

It can be intimidating to walk into a gym and do something out of your comfort zone. Some people are looking for guidance while others need that daily motivation.

“We provide both. Sara is great at working with women who want to trim up and build a great foundation. I do more of the strength part. Sara is also the nutrition guru,” said Nick Steele, personal trainer.

When I walk into a weight room I have a pretty short list of exercises and equipment I am really comfortable with. I wasn’t raised in a gym so what little lifting skillset I have is what I learned from playing high school volleyball with Coach K and Coach T (Kenetta LaSalle and Tamara Landers) at good ol’ Miller High School. So if it isn’t a sled, a box (so many box jumps!), crunches, benchpress or utilizes a volleyball, I know very little about it.

That being said, I have learned a little over the years from Google searches and from asking for help at other gyms. I understand basic usage of free weights, lateral bar and hamstring extensions, at least enough to get me by. I began lifting at A+ last month (with a short week absence for vacation) and I was approached by Sara Watson, trainer, about trying out the use of not one personal trainer, but taking advantage of two of them at the same time! I realize I have worn my body down to be less than ideal and you won’t find me on the cover of Muscle Magazine anytime soon, but I will try my hardest when met with any challenge.

Sara and Nick made me feel so comfortable!

“Don’t compare what you are doing to someone who has been lifting for years. We all start somewhere. Just get in there, ask questions, and learn,” said Watson.

Watson’s transformation began when she started lifting weights. For the longest time she thought a lot of car- dio was the answer and didn’t take weightlifting seriously.

“I realized I wasn’t getting anywhere and hired a trainer in 2014. Since then, I have learned so much and love to share my passion for bodybuilding with others,” said Watson.

Steele was a law enforcement officer in Denver for 10 years. His fitness was based on protecting his life and his partner daily.

“I live local and love the town. Fitness is so important and it is really not on the forefront of peo- ples minds here. Sara and I use the term ‘If not now, then, when?’ Since people love to say ‘someday’ or say they don’t have time,” said Steele.

Day 1: Tuesday, Aug. 11, Nick and Sara greeted me as I walked in the door. I would have done some warmup work on the el- liptical had I not already completed my typical cardio. They had each station ready to go with just the weight they knew my body could handle. They showed me each workout and common mistakes with each one. Lifting correctly will help reach success much quicker and prevent unnecessary injury. The two of them together would make a good reality show. We all joked around, but kept the workout tough and challenging.

Day 2: Thursday, Aug. 13, LEG DAY! We hear tell of the dreaded leg day, the day you should work your legs and core so well that it is difficult to do simple things the following day. Again, the duo had the stations ready to go for me. We chatted about how I felt after the last session and about nutrition. If I had kept a log as they requested (sorry Sara) we would have then gone over it and discussed what was beneficial and what should be better avoided. Any critique on nutrition, or my techniques were given without hesitation but without being intimidating or demeaning. And I really appreciated that.

I enjoyed the test run so much that I intend to stick with it until I can meet a few personal goals. No, not ready for the body building competitions or anything, but caring for your body is addicting. Feeling better, both physically and emotionally is a great feeling.

If not now, then when?

“We train people of all ages and abilities. It’s never to late to start,” said Steele.

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